WW1 Trench Maps and Trench Database.



Trench Gazetteer.

You can search by trench name, Trench map no, eg. 36c SW1 or hit search to see all entries. The trench map gazetteer only contains trench names related to 1/10,000 scale trench maps found online. A link is provided to the on-line map requested.


Online Trench Maps.

Search using map no eg. 36 for 1/40,000 scale maps, 36c NW for 1/20,000, 36c NW2 for 1/10,000 or hit search for the appropriate scale map, to see all that are available online. A link will take you to the website for the map selected.

Preferred by the Infantry.


Preferred by the artillery.


Preferred by Officers for Planning.


Links are to the following web sites, McMaster University, British Library, National Library of Scotland, Europeana, Toronto University, Imperial War Museum, Australian War Memorial and the Australian Army.